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Back-Up Alternator Kit for the Cessna 206


When flying in IFR weather, unforgiving terrain or night conditions, pilots immediately understand the importance of a COMPLETE back-up solution for their electrical power. The back-up alternator solution from Kelly Aerospace is complete. A FULL 70 amp alternator as well as an additional Voltage Regulator offers a back up for both the alternator as well as the voltage regulator. 


  • Fully redundant Back-Up electrical systems

  • 70 amps

  • Single toggle switch operation

  • Installed weight 16 pounds

  • Belt Driven

  • Field installable or Kelly factory installed

  • Discounts available if done with the installation of a KATS All Electric Air Conditioning system. 

No Blister Needed

Although there is a full 70 amp back up alternator under the cowling there is no need for a blister. With this low profile design we were able to keep the aerodynamic shape of the cowling intact.


Relax and Fly

Unlike any other back-up alternator solution, the KATS solution offers the pilot the option to operate either alternator off of either voltage regulator. Relax and fly and know your electrical system is there!


The KATS Peace of Mind

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a fully redundant electrical power source to drive ALL of your electrical system requirements. . . At your finger tips when you need it most.


Tech Data and Customer Resources

For more information, including Tech Data documentation, please reference our Support page.

A print-friendly .PDF of the Cessna 206 Back-Up Alternator Kit product sheet can be downloaded here.

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