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Back-Up Alternator Kit for the Cessna 182S, 182T and T182T


When flying in IFR weather, unforgiving terrain, or night conditions, pilots immediately understand the importance of having a back-up solution for their electrical power.

The back-up alternator option from Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems offers a completely redundant power source in the event of a primary electrical system failure.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a fully redundant electric power source to drive ALL of your electrical system requirements. . . at your finger tips when you need it most.

All components incorporated into the STC Alternator Back-Up kit are proven designs and current production on multiple certified applications. . . We take NO chances when it comes to system reliability and safety.


  • Full redundant back-up electrical system

  • No load shedding - Full 95 amps

  • Single toggle switch operation

  • Belt driven

  • Installed weight - 23lbs

  • Standard installation - 20 man-hours

  • No cowling or aerodynamic changes to the aircraft

  • Field installable - KATS factory installs also available

  • Bundling discounts available when purchased in conjunction with a KATS All Electric Air-Conditioning factory instillation


Tech Data and Customer Resources

For more information, including Tech Data documentation, please reference our Support page.

A print-friendly .PDF of the Cessna 182S, 182T and T182T Back-Up Alternator Kit product sheet can be downloaded here.

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