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THERMACOOL for the Cessna 206


THERMACOOL is an all electric air conditioning system initially designed for the Cessna 182 and 182 series aircraft. The heart of the system is a trouble-free, hermetically-sealed brushless DC motor/compressor that is powered by either the aircraft electrical system, or a 28volt DC ground power cart. When ground pre-cooling, the system provides a 20 degree cabin temperature drop in just 5 minutes at the touch of a button. When connected to ground power, a cowl mounted piezo-electric switch activates the system without ever opening the cabin door. Your lineman can do it for you.


  • FAA STC Certified​

  • Ground cooling at the touch of a button (with plug in)

  • 20 degree temperature drop in five minutes

  • No take -off or in-flight restrictions

  • Digital temperature display - Set it and forget it

  • Less than 45 amps - at peak load; 33 amps normal run

  • Only 53 pounds installed

  • Optional dual alternator (Back-Up electrical System)

12,000 BTU's of Cool Air

Air is ducted through the aircraft headliner and distributed through adjustable vents throughout the cabin.


Air Flow Circulation

Comfort is maintained with a variable fan control offering 3 settings from 0 - 500 CFM.

Digital Temperature Controller

Controller is easy to use. . . just set the desired temperature and forget it. The panel mounted controller also fits a standard avionics stack if you have room.

Baron_58 _and_A36_Digital_Control_Panel.

General Specifications - Cessna 182 series

  • Cooling: 12,000 BTU's

  • Airflow: 0 - 550 CFM

  • Current: 45 peaks amps / 23 normal run

  • Weight: 53 pounds installed


The installation is behind the aft baggage compartment and does not interfere with the G1000 installation. The C.G. moves aft only 1/2 inch.


Compressor / Condenser

The compressor / condenser inlet and outlet are located on the side of the fuselage precluding exhaust ingestion.


Back-UP Alternator Option 

The back-up alternator option offers complete electrical system REDUNDANCY and capacity for additional equipment.


Tech Data and Customer Resources

For more information, including Tech Data documentation, please reference our Support page.

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