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THERMACOOL for the Mooney M20-R, -S, -TN, -U, -V


  • Ground cooling with GPU

  • Piezo switch included for effortless ground start up
    Minimum of 20° temperature drop in five minutes

  • No take-off or in-flight restrictions

  • Maximum of 50 amps at peak load, 45 amps at continuous normal operation

  • Entire system weighs estimated at 65.6 pounds installed

  • System can be operated on the ground, during taxi, takeoff, cruising, and landing

  • Cabin-side components occupies only ½ of hat rack compartment leaving remaining space for storage

  • AC system integrated into existing headliner distribution ports

  • Simple operation via digital display mounted in the control panel

  • System runs using an 11,500 BTU hermetically sealed, 28 volt brushless DC Compressor Motor


Kelly Aerospace Thermal System’s THERMACOOL All-Electric Air Conditioning technology is pending FAA Certification for  for the Mooney M20-R, -S, -TN, -U, -V series aircraft. There is no need to wait for the STC as field approvals are available today. The highly reliable and efficient 28 volt brushless DC motor /compressor which runs on either a ground power supply or the aircraft electrical system provides a 20°  F.+  drop in cabin temperature within 5 minutes.

Cool Air Where You Need It

COOL AIR is ducted through a center duct to deliver the air where it is most appreciated. Adjustable vents are installed for each passenger to Fine Tune the flow!


Systems That Work

Inlet and outlet air are ducted inboard and overboard by a vent on each side of the aft fuselage, precluding exhaust ingestion. 


Pilot Friendly

Digital Temperature controller is easy to use.  Set the desired temperature and forget it. Freeze protection is built in!  The controller has an LED screen, three speed fan and fits nicely in to your panel.


AIR FLOW CIRCULATION maintains an even flow of conditioned air. The variable speed fan offers up to 600 CFM.


Tech Data and Customer Resources

For more information, including Tech Data documentation, please reference our Support page.

A print-friendly .PDF of the THERMACOOL Mooney M20-R, -S, -TN, -U, -V product sheet can be downloaded here .

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