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THERMACOOL for the Cirrus SR20 / SR22


Kelly Aerospace Thermal System’s THERMACOOL All-Electric Air Conditioning technology is now FAA Certified for the Cirrus SR20/22 series aircraft. The highly reliable and efficient 28 volt brushless DC motor /compressor which runs on either a ground power supply or the aircraft electrical system provides a 20°  F.+  drop in cabin temperature within 5 minutes.


  • Ground pre-cooling with GPU

  • 20° plus temp drop in 5 minutes

  • No take off, landing, or in-flight restrictions

  • No impact on cruising speeds

  • Easy-read digital temp / fan control – set it and forget it

  • Full use of the baggage area

  • Very efficient cooling – only 45 amps

  • Light weight – only 52 lbs. installed

  • Reliable and efficient hermetically-sealed, brushless DC compressor – R134A

  • CG – moves only 2” aft

  • One week installation time

  • FAA STC No. SA04037CH –  Kit No. KATS-13-003

Pre-cooling is Easy

Being electric, THERMACOOL can also pre-cool your Cirrus on the ground with a ground power supply (GPU). Just open the door, turn on the Master, touch the A/C ‘ON’ button and set the desired temperature. It’s that easy and in 5 minutes or less the cockpit will be 20 degrees cooler. Your lineman can even do it for you. Get out of your cool car and into your COOL Cirrus!

No Operating Restrictions

You never have to turn off your THERMACOOL. It can be operated during taxi, takeoff, cruise, and landings since it is operating within the design parameters of the aircraft alternator and electrical system. . . another pilot workload reduction.

Built-in, Not Added-on

Refreshing cool air is distributed to each seat in the cabin through an all new ducted headliner which duplicates the original factory interior appearance.


KATS Factory Installation Facilities

KLNN – Willoughby, OH, KMGM – Montgomery, AL, KIDP – Independence, KS, KRDM – Redmond, OR.
Plus the option of  KATS's Approved Independent Installers.

Keep All Your Cabin Space 

A/C system components are mounted in the tail cone without impacting cabin or baggage area space. . . and it only moves the CG about 2” aft. The system components are mounted through the airframe access panel located on the right-hand aft fuselage. Condenser air inlet and outlet ducts are both vented through the one access panel limiting the number of airframe penetrations.


NOTE: For the SR22 serial number  842 (G1) and before,  which do not have the fuselage access panel, Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems has an FAA/STC approval pending for the creation of an access hole to accommodate the installation.* 


Set it and Forget it

A compact, panel mounted, auto-dimming and sunlight-readable digital controller lets you set your desired temperatures and fan speeds and the system does the rest. Once the cabin reaches the ‘set’ temperature the system automatically adjusts the cooling compressor and the fan to maintain it. . . just set it and forget it!


Reliability and Efficiency

The 11,500 BTU hermetically sealed, 28 volt brushless DC Motor/Compressor is the ‘heart’ of the system and has the reliability of your home refrigerator. Its light weight and close proximity to the other A/C components results in a total installed system weight of just 52 lbs., and draws only 45 amps during normal operation. The sealed air distribution ducting and 440 cfm evaporator fan insures plenty of cool cabin airflow to each seat in the cabin.  


Tech Data and Customer Resources

For more information, including Tech Data documentation, please reference our Support page.

A print-friendly .PDF of the THERMACOOL Cirrus SR20 / SR22 product sheet can be downloaded here.

* Additional installation labor cost.

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