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Mooney STC certification approved.

A note from Roy McClure, Vice President and General Manager, Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems.

As the entire Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems' team continues to follow all Federal and State directed best practices during this crucial time of social distancing due to COVID-19, I want to ensure our customers that KATS remains open and here to meet your aviation needs.

We have put in place extensive facility processes to ensure the continued health and well-being of our staff. In addition, we have instituted a wide-range of protocols in order to continue to provide the excellent service you have come to know from Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems. We continue to schedule installations nation-wide and have methods for service that do not require any in-person contact with our customers. For details on how to schedule a THERMACOOL product installation, please contact Walter Dodge directly at 334-224-0313.


Roy McClure

KATS is an aviation design and development company dedicated to the integration of aircraft systems for general aviation and commuter aircraft. Supported by the NASA SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) program, Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems has created the most innovative products in airplane environmental systems.


There are other solutions for adding Air Conditioning to your aircraft, but KATS utilizes the latest in Electric Air Condition technologies. These technologies offer a lighter weight system with NO FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS. We will always be the leader in Electric Air Conditioning solutions because our technology separates us from the rest. 


Product News

February, 2020

Looking for a Back-Up Alternator Kit for your Cessna 206?

When flying in IFR weather, unforgiving terrain or night conditions, pilots immediately understand the importance of a COMPLETE back-up solution for their electrical power. The back-up alternator solution from KATS is complete: A FULL 70 amp alternator as well as an additional Voltage Regulator offers a back up for both the alternator as well as the voltage regulator. 


Business News

March, 2020

KATS Commits to COPA Migration 18, This Fall of 2020.
Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems' Walter Dodge is our VP of Business Development by day and BBQ pitmaster extraordinaire after hours. So mark your calendars as Walter and the KATS' team will be serving up the finest BBQ spread for all our aviation customer and friends at COPA Migration 18 this Fall. Stay tuned for more details over the course of the coming weeks.

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